Three Mountains

OF4WD Rating: 2+

The Three Mountains trail is located about two hours west of Ottawa in the Griffith area. First discovered in 2007, the trail follows an ATV track that leads up to the top of one of the three mountains. A lot of exposed rock offers good traction and a few off-camber spots. There are still places to explore here. The top offers a nice view of the surrounding hills and is a great place to stop for lunch and chat. The trail continues across the mountain and exits down the back. This exit follows an old lumber road and can be tight and overgrown in places. On the back of the mountain, the trail splits and heads out to the road, heads north to Dugan Lake and splits off on an old overgrown trail to Waterfall Mountain. With travel from Ottawa, this trail takes a full day to reach and traverse. Fill up with gas at the Eagle’s Nest before hitting the trail head. Lots of blueberries along this trail when in season.