Minimum and Recommended Equipment

This article provides recommendations for equipment one should carry after participating in at least one trail run. Safety is the Club’s number one concern, we want to ensure the trail run remains a positive experience for all.

Minimum Equipment Recommended Recommended Group Equipment
20’-30’ Tow Strap (no hooks) CB Radio (preferred) Or FRS Hi-Lift Jack
D-Ring (rated 2x+ vehicle weight) that fits tow points GPS with Topo Maps or Paper Maps Waiver forms completed
Insurance Notification
Front and Rear Tow Points Camera Club Satellite Phone
Full Size Spare Tire Booster Cables, Tire Gauge Shovel
Vehicle Tire Jack Club Spill Pad Kit Spare Fuel
Lug Wrench & Key for locks Air Compressor Axe, Bow Saw, Shears, and/or Machete
Vehicle Registration & Plates
Vehicle Insurance
Driver’s Licence for all drivers
Fire Extinguisher
Extra Vehicle Fluids
Cellular Phone
Tree Strap
Snatch Block
Gloves & Rubber Boots
Rain Wear & Bug Spray
Flashlights & Lanterns
Spare batteries
Seat belts for driver and passengers Warm Clothing & Blankets & Socks
Food & Water Leash, Food, Water for any pets
First Aid Kit & Medications
Toilet Paper!
Tool Box, Duct Tape, Zip Ties
Emergency Contact Information

Ensure your vehicle is in safe and good working order! No leaks! No alcohol before or during the event!

Members bringing guests or underage passengers are responsible for their supervision and responsible for ensuring they remain in safe zones during any and all on-trail vehicle operations and extractions

Please adhere to TREAD LIGHTLY! No littering! Pack in, Pack out!

Please frequent our Sponsors! They provide prizes and equipment and help make all this possible!