Schooner Lookout

Schooner Lookout is probably the most challenging trail in Eastern Ontario. The trail starts at the edge of Crag Lake and takes you along the south side of the lake before veering south to climb into the forest where the trail crosses rock outcroppings, and ridge lines that eventually lead you to the edge of Round Schooner Lake. Once in view of the lake, you will continue to follow the ridge to Camp Schooner, a plateau that sits about 70m (230ft) above the lake offering amazing views and spectacular sunsets. Swimming is possible, but requires a near vertical hike down to the water.

OF4WD Rating

4+ Severe Trail


With the exception of crossing a mostly dry creek-bed at the outset, the trail is entirely on high ground, the camp spot at the end being the lowest point. Almost none of the trail is flat which means you’re almost always approaching a large bolder, steep rocky inclines, off-camber slopes and tight corners, occasionally all at the same time. Body damage is almost a certainty.

Trail Cautions

The trail is extremely tight in some areas. Nearly every vehicle that has gone through has taken some damage. It has claimed several tail lights, fender flares, a few windshields and at least one chainsaw (while mounted to the tire carrier). Rear bumpers, hitches, etc. Are almost certain to get scraped when coming off some of the rock obstacles. Some of the rock ledges are covered in loose soil, leaves and moss making them slippery.

Travel Requirements

A winch should be considered mandatory for this trail, along with lift and over-sized tires. For a 2-door Jeep, 33″ tires and appropriate lift are required, for a 4-door Jeep, 35″ tires and appropriate lift. An experienced driver should also be considered mandatory.