Calabogie Line

Calabogie LineThe Calabogie Line is a 4.5km stretch of power line that roughly runs parallel to Calabogie road. The entrance is just north of where the power line intersects the road and heads north-north-east from there, exiting onto Ferguson Lake road. The trail has experienced relatively light use, although it is commonly used by dirt bikes.

OF4WD Rating

2 Easy 2WD/4WD


The trail begins with some rocky outcrops that can be attacked from various angles allowing for different levels of difficulty and several climbs and descents along the path.  About mid-way through the trail, it descends to a low point that can be quite soft, depending on recent weather. In the second half of the trail there are too large grassy sand mounds, known as the Roller Coaster that are usually the highlight of the day.

Trail Cautions

While the trail follows a power line, unlike most power line trails, there is no well-defined road that travels the length of the trail, therefore not all obstacles are optional.

Travel Requirements

As with most trails, basic recovery gear, such as a tow strap and shackles, should be considered mandatory. Stock clearance, on some vehicles will be sufficient, but others will require a lift and over-sized tires to get through.