Evergreen Mountain

Evergreen Mountain

The Evergreen Mountain Trail is effectively an extension of the Sullivan Lake trail, adding to the Crag Lake trail system. It runs from Sullivan Lake up to the crest of Evergreen Mountain, offering spectacular panoramic views before descending through a narrow gorge to a lower plateau and down the south slope towards Long Bay Lake where it picks up a road that exists to Norcan Lake Road.

OF4WD Rating

4 Difficult Trail


The trail is very rocky, with several steep inclines at various points along the trail. The trail is quite narrow, particularly as you navigate out of the trail at the base of the south slope with tight corners requiring careful navigation.

Trail Cautions

The trail’s feature obstacle, known as the can opener, is a tight pass with cliffs on both sides narrowed by a large rock and a tree allowing just enough space to pass a vehicle with careful tire placement.

Travel Requirements

A winch should be considered mandatory for this trail, along with a lift and over-sized tires. A tolerance for pin-striping and the potential for body damage is also required.