OF4WD Rating: 2+

This trail has been decimated by logging and chopped up by new logging roads. It is seldom used by EOTB.

The Straddlebug trail was used for several years as an overnight camping expedition by OVLR. EOTB typically visits this trail once a year and does it in one day, although since the entrance is remote this is usually a long day. Beginning at Straddlebug Lake, the trail is rocky and bumpy and passes two hunting cabins. There are some offshoots that could be travelled back, likely to the Barryvale Rd. The trail has several exits near Flower Station.

The trail starts heavily forested on rock and ends on the edge of pastures and sandy soil. Over the years the trail has been used more and more by dirt bikes and ATVs and in recent years some areas have become very dug out by ATV wheel spin. In 2008 EOTB entered the trail at the east side via a new way and without incident. This area was very muddy. The trail has been bisected by a new logging road that has been cut right through the forest. About 14 km in length.

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