Quinn Loop

The Quinn Loop can be considered to be the less challenging sibling to the main Quinn Trail and connects with it at both ends. This is a tight technical trail with inclines and trees.  It’s fairly lengthy so it will be a full day of intense off-roading. Running the trail in reverse, from (the south entrance to the north) will offer some additional challenges.

OF4WD Rating

3+ Challenging 4WD Trail


It’s more soil than rocks, but more rock is being exposed over time. There are a few muddy sections, but nothing deep.

Trail Cautions

The trees are tight and body damage is likely if you aren’t paying attention. There are a few rocks and stumps that could pose a problem for a stock truck.

Travel Requirements

As with most trails, basic recovery gear, such as a tow strap and shackles, should be considered mandatory. Stock clearance, on some vehicles will be sufficient, but others will require a lift and over-sized tires to get through.