Ottawa Wing Night Board Update

This week I will be taking the first half hour of wing night to provide you with an update from your Board. We felt it appropriate to provide you with an overview of our most recent board meeting… simply a high level update of the agenda items and our discussions – provide you with an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback etc. It is intended to be a relaxed discussion. Certainly nothing formal. We will give it a try to see how it goes and if acceptable we will provide regular updates over the course of the year. I would like to start the discussion at 19:00 and I suspect it will take a half hour (or less). If you can join us that would be great. If you cannot arrive till a little later no problem – as I said this is not a formal meeting.


Buster’s Bar and grill on Carling in the Lincoln Fields Mall at 2525 Carling Avenue, Unit 48 at 19:00


Stay as long as you want, or until the wait staff kicks you out.

Tow Points

Not necessary unless the wait staff need to forcibly remove you from your seat.


If you don’t have any, you will after the wings and beer.


Everyone is welcome, come on out look at the rigs in the parking lot, talk to the drivers inside and have a good time…

CB Radios

Not Required. We’ll all be sitting within speaking distance of each other.


Required to eat at Busters, if you do not have one, EOTB shirts will be on sale along with Key Fobs, license plate frames, and stickers.

Team number

I know we are a “team” per se, but we’ve got number 202. Make sure that you notify the wait staff of this team number when ordering. We will get 10% back as an “in-store” credit.

Craig J./President