Trail Report – Scotch Line Ice Cream Run – July 2010

With the forecast calling for a hot sunny day we pulled into the Parking lot at Bells Corners. It wasn’t long before Ryan and family joined us followed by Brian and his family. This was the group that headed out for the second rendezvous in Merrickville. As we drove along 43 the CB crackled to life and started to pick up Steve and group chatting, a few minutes later and we had visual contact. The park at the locks already had a couple of trucks waiting and with the two new groups arrival we totaled 10 trucks. We had two guests for this outing, Tom returning for another trail and Christian in a black XJ.

With all the paper work signed and the trucks lined up along Main St we set off for the trail. It’s a short hop to the trail head and with a quick stop to disconnect and rearrange to get Brian and his winch in the middle of the line we were finally on the trail.

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