Trail Report – Rusty Bat – July 2010

The day started out with a coffee and some great weather, sunny and little clouds. The Bell Corners meeting spot had Mark W in his Discovery ( garbage bag window still installed, Brain G in his silver TJ (hooked), Paul D in his family machine JK (sporting the TJ’s 33’s as the TJ was down for TLC), with myself in a black TJ. Guests, Simon from ORA (Montreal) in his 35″ Green JK, Jean-Louis (JL) in his 35″ black JK and a F150 driven by Jeremy.

After getting to know everyone and collecting money and signing the forms we got on the road to meet up with the others that were meeting at Munfords from Kingston, Jordan in his Cherokee and Tom Miller in his stock JK.

The first and second mishaps we discovered and one dealt with and the other written up to highway driving….first we discovered that Paul had the miss fortune of being in the way of a stone on the highway going the wrong way and hit the edge of his windshield and gave it a crack on the drivers side. Paul shrugged it off and all was good. Second, after talking a bit we decided to get to the trail and as we all started to get into our truck and we hear that Jordan had misplaced his keys…. So we all start to look for them and then Jordan found them between his seats, so with all in hand we start out for the trail.

After a U turn because I wasn’t paying enough attention to the GPS we were on the gravel road to the air down spot. Once all to the trail head we all aired down and opened windows and removed soft tops we were ready for the run.


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