Trail Report – Quinn – September 2012

It was a last minute decision. When I say last minute, friday night. Mark W. talked to me about the Quinn. “Hey!” I said. “The rear of the Jeep are on jackstand waiting for 2 new shocks. So what! Let’s put them back and let’s goe wheeling. It will be fun.”

Arrived in Munford at 10am and OJC was there. I was waiting for Mark W. Tom was there. And Paul D Showed up. Great! So we went.

As a tradition, we got lost leaving the dam to go to Quinn. Funny! We did a few loops me and Paul before figuring this out. I made a comment to Mark saying ‘Evan is with us in spirit”. LOL! Everybody was smiling. This situation was funny. So we followed the voice in our of Obi Wan Kenobi in my head to “Let the force guide us”.

But wait! There's more!

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