Trail Report – Quinn – May 2012


On Sunday 27 May we all met at our usual primary meeting location in Bells Corners where Ken G. and Burns came to see us off. It was nice to see some faces that I hadn’t seen in a while. The contingent leaving from Bells Corner were comprised of Mike, Jerry, Dana sporting his new lift (looking good), Robert, Paul, Grant, Jason, Ken (our guest for the day), and Greg. The weather was a bit cloudy when we left at 9:30, but it was clearing up the closer we were getting to Calabogie. All in all the weather was going to be great for the day.

Our 10 vehicle convoy made it’s way to Munfords where we were met by Tom and Gerald.
From there, we headed to the top of the Dam to air down and disconnect. By 11:00 we were on the move towards the trail head. We opted to go in from the Northern Entrance and we were going to decide whether we were going to do Pinion Pass once we got there, depending on the time we got to it.

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