Trail Report – Lavant – August 2010

Well, my first Trail Report, I hope everyone enjoys, it is very lengthy for the shortness of the run.

With a good number of the veterans doing minor fix-ups and members unavailable this weekend, I accepted the offer to lead my first trail run with Chris as my tail-gunner. I’ve been working on getting to know the areas we explore a bit better as well as expanding my GPS abilities. I had complied quite a bit a track data from the last few years but never had the time to do anything with it.

So as I prepped the Jeep, I made sure I had both my trail and road GPS along with some maps as backup. I did not want to disappoint on my first time in the lead. I loaded the Jeep with a few extra extrication goodies I picked up over the last couple of weeks, hoping none would be needed. For good measure the neighbor had just returned my chain saw, so I thought add it to the inventory with a litre of mixed fuel.

It was an early start, in Limoges, Dave with his white Samurai along with his friends Ben and Trish driving a newly purchased 2010 Blue Jeep Islander stopped by my house and we were off. I did not want to be late so I coaxed them into arriving early at my place. After fuelling up I entered my next waypoint in the GPS to get us to Hopetown and I soon realized the touch screen features had stopped working and the unit would not respond to any functions except power on and off. Great, what a perfect time to fail. A closer diagnostic would have to wait.

We arrived at 9:00am at Bell’s Corner’s and were greeted by a large gathering of seagulls, basically the entire parking lot, and they were not leaving for a few trail blazers. I revived my GPS after quite a few resets and everything was still saved, “Looks like we just had our glitch for this mission.” (so I thought)

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