Trail Report – Gorge – June 2013

It all began on a soggy Sunday morning in Bells Corners. Five trucks, with their brave drivers gathered in the parking lot preparing for a fun day on the trail. The rain was light, and we were all hoping it would subside before we reached Burnstown. We left Bells Corners a few minutes ahead of schedule, and we were no sooner headed towards the Queensway when the skies opened up, and it truly began to rain.

We made our way to Burnstown, hoping the sky would rain itself out before we hit the trail. The rain continued. Hoping to wait out the rain, we skipped the usual air-down spot, and continued directly to the trail head. It rained. With our rain jackets and hoods, we aired down and prepared our vehicles for the trail. The rain persisted. Anticipating that I might get wet, I took this opportunity to put on my rain pants.

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