Trail Report – Gorge – August 2011

Well the weather report for Sunday looked bleak and Sunday morning confirmed it, “….so much rain no-one will want to go out today….”

My son Martin and I gassed up Carol’s Jeep , as mine was on block’s, and headed out hoping to get to Bells Corners as close to 9am as possible. The whole drive in from Brockville was rain, there goes my internal dialog again, ” ..probably one or two Keeners will show up…” .

/highlights2011/Gorge 21-08-11_005.jpg

Well to my surprise we had over ten vehicles ready to roll with a grand total of 14 after meeting up with the ones at the trail head. The rain held off and the bugs weren’t bad at all, we actually made it to the lunch spot for noon with time to play on the rocks.

/highlights2011/Gorge 21-08-11_016.jpg

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