Trail Report – Geocaching Run – July 2011

We had a beautiful day offroading in Brockville today, but as always, we had a little drama 🙂


Firstly, I apologize in advance, I am not good with remembering names. I arrived at the Loblaws in Bells Corners at about 0845hrs and was met by Dominic and his two friends in his beautiful black JK. Bit by bit more trucks arrived: New member Dave and his wife, with about 2,000km on their brand new mango-coloured JK Rubicon, followed by Ken in his new mango-coloured JK Rubicon. Another new JK Rubicon showed up, this time blue, with Rob and Melanie. The Ottawa group was rounded out by Vince (and daughter), Steve in the only other non-Jeep, and Evan with his three kids. Lucky Christine with a day alone. I gave a very quick and dirty explanation of geocaching, and a couple of programs on my laptop: MapSource and EasyGPS that help downloading maps, waypoints, and tracks onto the GPS receiver.

We left a little late, and the drive to Brockville started with a bang. On Hwy 416 at about Roger Stevens my front-left tire blew. It was certainly a bit of a shock, fortunately I had both hands on the wheel and made it safely to the shoulder. I’m sure it was a surprise for those behind me too.

We finally made it to the waterfront park in Brockville, which was unsurprisingly crowded on a beautiful summer day. We were met by ChrisP, Wiz and LJ, Pat, Cyndy and Paul, and John. Chris and I differed on whether or not the trail is stock friendly. I think I am right, with the by-passes, it is a stock friendly trail. Without taking the bypasses…

I love that trail, it isn’t long, but offers a little of everything, some mud, some rocks and climbs, all within the city limits. We had a bit of a scare when we thought Paul may have hydrolocked his motor, but thanks to Pat’s hard work, they got it all cleaned out. Steve gave Chris’s winch a workout, and everything went well.

We found two geocaches along the trail, nice classic hides and made some trades and Evan dropped off a new EOTB travelbug.

Thanks to all who came along for the beautiful day in the woods, especially for your hard work and patience. I look forward to seeing some photos.

Cheers, Ross

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