Trail Report – Calabogie Line – September 2012

Meeting at Bells Corner on an overcast day, there were already a couple trucks ready to go. Greg made a grand entrance through the flock of sea gulls basking in the pavement heat. For a few brief moments it reminded me Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds. They weren’t deterred and resumed their basking although they seemed to be discussing the next move against Greg.

After some banter, a few more trucks arrived bringing us to 6 trucks. Pierre in his Liberty, Greg, Christoph, and myself were flying solo in TJs, Mark in his JK, and Ken, Gyulia, and the 2 boys were fully loaded in Ken’s TJ. Randy from OJC stopped in to chat for a few minutes on his way out to the OJC Lavant run. We loaded up and made our way to Mumfords to see if there were any others waiting. After a quick stop for any stragglers we stuck to our core 6 from Ottawa and made our way to trail head.

It was pretty obvious it was going to be a good day on the trail. The drive down was pretty nice with the fall colours coming into effect. It was surprising to see how a few short weeks really changed from a sea of green to some amazing colours.

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