Crag Lake Adopt-a-Trail Run – May 2015

We ran with a small group today, only four trucks including Jeremy Brooks, Tom Miller, Nick Dufresne and myself. We stuck to our schedule and left Calabogie at 10:15am headed to the dam to air down. It didn’t take us long to get ready and we headed down the road. Before we could reach the entrance to the Crag Lake Back Door, we ran into a man on an ATV, flagging us down. He told us he spotted a forest fire in the direction we were heading and a Jeep stuck in the mud nearby. He was headed back to escort the fire crews.

We quickly decided we would go help in any way we could, but first by rescuing the stuck Jeep. We steered to the right, rather than heading to the trail head, spending over half an hour searching in the direction of Centennial Lake trying to find the fire, and the stuck Jeep. We eventually reached the end of the path, which was gated off in two directions, when we came to the conclusion that we could be meandering through the woods all day and never find anything, with all the offshoots everywhere. We had originally planned to start the day at the back door of Crag Lake, but decided to head to the front door instead, hoping to find some sign of the fire or the Jeep along the way. We found neither, and the traffic we did encounter, reported not having seen anything either.

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