Web Site Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you with the new EOTB web site:

  • main menu – the main menu links are now embedded in the picture at the top of the page: Home | News | …
  • more links – additional menu options are available on the home page. These will change when you login to give you access to everything to which you are permitted
  • Loginlog into the site with your club member user name and password. This lets you see all the pictures and news articles. You can also customize your profile, access the members list, and access documents for club members only. If you are a Trail Leader or Board Member, one accounts gives you access to everything
  • stay logged in – if you click the “Remember Me” checkbox on the login page, you won’t need to log in every time you come back to the site
  • lost password? – you can recover your password if you forget it
  • registration – at the current time registration is disabled. Club members will be issued a user name and password when they renew their membership. If you are not a member, use our Feedback form to join our announcements mailing list so that we can keep you informed of upcoming events and let you know when the site is open for guest registration
  • News Categories – be sure to check out the full News list to see all the different topics
  • RSS – you can read all our news articles on your favourite RSS reader
  • event preview – you can preview the text of an upcoming event simply by hovering over the title with your mouse
  • uploading pictures – to upload pictures login first as a club member. Albums are organized by year – go into the private album for the event year (2009, 2010, etc. not Highlights) and click to Add Album. Then go into your new album and click to Add Items. You can upload your pictures with your web browser. Pictures are processed best if they are less than 4 Megabytes in size. Photos will be automatically resized for other users.

  • questions? – if you have a question that is not answered here, use our Feedback form to ask for help!