Trail Report – Rusty Bat – July 2012


Well that was quite the trail run.

7 of us headed out from Bells Corners Craig B, Greg C, Darcy in a monster JK on 37s, Martin, Mark G, Burns (coming out for the drive to Calabogie for a fishing trip) and myself. We headed west on 417 and picked up another 6 at Munfords including British Matt, Nick C, Darcy’s friend (I think her name is Val) Tom, my brother who came in from Petawawa for the ride. I am sure there were a few more I just can’t remember everyone’s name . At the trail head we we aired down and tried to line up in a good logical order so that everyone has a good spotter and a vehicle that can pull (just in case).

Everyone made it into the trail over the first few rocks, and we started doing the zig-zags across the power line and up the first few inclines. it was at this point the the line stopped moving. I jogged back down to see what was going on. Tom seemed to be having trouble with his transfer case reporting that he was able to get into 4Lo. Mark G was hearing a clanging noise while driving and was not liking the sound. Mark decided to turn back just in case when they installed the skid plate that they might have left something loose that should be tight… Mark and Tom headed back while the rest of us plodded onward and upward.

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