Trail Report – Camp EOTB – August 2012


Camp EOTB 2012 was a blast! Good times, good camping, good trail rides.

On Friday before camp started, the real work started: Evan C. led a team of explorers through the Quinn Loop in reverse from the front door to the back door. This is a tight challenging forest trail that can be passed with stock vehicles but tests even the most skilled drivers. Thanks to Norm, Mark, Peter, Paul and Dominique.

Saturday featured split runs to Crag Lake: Norm led the way in the Back Door for modified rigs and those willing to accept a bit of damage; Evan took the family and the less extreme participants in and back out the Front Door. We had a great swim at the lake!

The Sunday run to 3 Mountains was intended to be a bit more relaxed but loss of a clutch cable, some break problems and overheating, a sticky locker in a bouncy TJ and a thunderstorm kept us on our toes. Tag team winching should be an olympic sport!


Norm explored the front door of Crag and worked his way around the lake. Stay tuned to find out for more news on this trail segment.

Fall Camp this year falls on the weekend of September 22-23. Book now by calling the campground.

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