Guest Waiver

The Eastern Ontario Trailblazers 4X4 Club Inc.

Waiver and Attestation for Guests on Trail Runs

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules outlined below. I understand I am bound to these rules and that an infraction of these rules may result in further action by the Club. I understand and agree that the Eastern Ontario TrailBlazers 4X4 Club Inc., its officers, and those acting on its behalf such as trail leaders, tail gunners and trail run organizers, including land owners, cannot and will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries received that may or may not be incurred while on the trail run. I understand that I am to be held responsible for all actions of my guests, my vehicle and myself. I understand that if there are damages incurred that involve other vehicles, members and/or guests, the responsibility will be between myself and the party or parties involved and that these are not the responsibility of the Eastern Ontario TrailBlazers 4X4 Club Inc. or those acting on its behalf as noted above. I understand that by signing this form I waive the right to any legal actions against The Eastern Ontario TrailBlazers 4X4 Club Inc. including those acting on its behalf as noted above.

The undersigned agrees to the proceeding and verifies that the information provided in this form is accurate.

I have a valid driver’s license, insurance on my vehicle and a valid vehicle registration.

I hereby authorize the Club to use pictures or other media of my truck and/or its occupants to promote the Club in any way that Club sees fit in accordance with stated Club objectives, which may include the use of media on websites, T-shirts and other apparel, pamphlets, business cards, or any marketing product used by the Club.

Guest Fee

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