Member Run – Bear Skulls


The Bear Skulls trail gets its name from a pair of bear skulls we discovered perched on a rock next to the trail. While the trail has been negotiated by a stock 4-door JK, it is tight, and has several optional obstacles that will certainly challenge even the most modified vehicle. Among these optional obstacles there is a tight squeeze that has been known to tear soft tops, an arm-wrenching rock climb and the infamous waterfall, that still hasn’t been done without the use of a winch.

There is an extended section of the trail that features a steep climb, however the last several trips to the trail, we’ve had to skip it due to damage, or simply being late in the day.

Meeting Place

Meeting Location: Bogie General Store (formerly Munford’s) in Calabogie @ 10:00am
Map of Munford’s


Meeting Location: 10:30am (approximate)


Tow Points are mandatory for this trail.

This trail has some tight areas, and plenty of rock to navigate. Some lift, oversized tire and under-armour are recommended for this trail.


Please come to the meeting location fully fueled and ready to roll.


This trail run is open only to EOTB members in good standing.

CB Radios

Please tune your CB to channel 4.  No CB?  Bring your FRS radio tuned to channel 4.


Remember to bring a lunch, plenty of water, boots, cameras and your sense of adventure. It is also recommended that you carry a tow strap and some shackles as basic extraction equipment.

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