EOTB Labour Day Trail and Camp Adventure

September 4, 2020 – September 7, 2020 all-day
Mountain Chute Dam


An annual event, this is a four day camping trip and trail run all rolled into one. One might even describe it as extreme overlanding. In addition traveling 55km and hitting five of the most challenging trails the region has to offer, this event will feature on-trail rough camping. There will be no returning to the comforts of home between runs.

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Treat this adventure as a 4+ trail run.


This event takes place on some very challenging trails with some of the most difficult obstacles. Damage is not only possible, but likely.

You must be self-sufficient. Each member attending the event must bring their own camping equipment, food, clothing and water. Do not assume that others will have items you may need or space to carry your equipment.

Limited Space

Due to limited space at some of the camping locations and the long nature of the event, we will be limiting the number of vehicles in attendance.


Please note, this is last year’s itinerary and will likely change for this year’s event.


Dinner: 6:30pm

We will kick-off the trip with our last civilized meal at the Redneck Bistro in Calabogie.

Departure: 8:00pm

The adventure will begin with a night run up the Crag Lake Front Door, adding a whole new dimension to this already challenging trail. We will setup camp at Crag Lake where there will be an opportunity for a night swim and some laughs by the camp fire.


Departure: 10:00am

After breakfast, we will venture around to the south side of Crag Lake, AKA, the Cragacon. This is probably the most technically demanding part of the trip. We plan to venture towards Round Schooner Lake once we reach the top. The day will include some exploring, possibly a hike to the cliffs overlooking Round Schooner Lake before returning to Crag Lake for a second night of camping.


Departure 10:30am

With our campsites packed-up, we will continue along to the back door of Crag Lake and connect with the Sullivan Lake Trail. Sullivan Lake will be the second camping stop on our tour where there will be another opportunity for a swim and a hike around the side of the lake.


Departure: 10:30am

From Sullivan Lake, we will head east then south to the top of Evergreen Mountain. Here, there will be some time to play and explore the mountain top for new obstacles and play areas before heading down the Can Opener and to the lower shelf and eventually down the south side of the mountain where, time permitting, we can run the Long Bay Lake trail on the way out.

Mandatory Equipment

Each vehicle attending must have appropriate recovery equipment, including a winch, tools and fuel to sustain their vehicle throughout the trip. In addition, sufficient camping gear, food and water for all of the passengers in their vehicle.


While the trip take four days to complete, the total distance traveled is relatively short, therefore refueling should not be necessary. It is highly recommended, however, that you fill your fuel tank in Calabogie to avoid any unexpected fuel shortages.


Each member attending is responsible to provide food for the passengers in their vehicle. Plan to bring foods that do not require refrigeration, as there will be no opportunity to obtain ice or other means of refrigeration along the way.


As there is limited space, this is a members-only event.


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