Canceled – Lavant Snow Top Camping

November 23, 2019 – November 24, 2019 all-day

Unfortunately, this event is being canceled this season. Through a combination of disabled vehicles and unexpected travel, we were unable to find a trail leader for this event.

6 thoughts on “Canceled – Lavant Snow Top Camping

  1. If there is a trail run on the Saturday, can we join in for the trail run and leave before nightfall? Or are all members staying for the night?

  2. At this time, we are expecting all those attending will be staying the night. We don’t really expect to hit the trail until 2:30pm or so, and sunset on November 23rd is expected to be 4:28pm, so leaving for nightfall is unlikely.

  3. I am a new (prospective) member. I am joining the Open Run next weekend and thinking of joining this one. I don’t have a lift. Is this run doable in a 2019 JLU Rubicon?
    I’m looking forward to meeting folks next week!

  4. It is possible to get a stock JLU to the top of Lavant, however it is a challenging trail in a stock vehicle. The rock garden, in particular requires careful tire placement to avoid scaping and banging and we will be climbing in the dark.
    It probably wouldn’t be advisable as your second run.

  5. I’m thinking of attending this!! If I can borrow a tent.
    Question: How do we keep our water from freezing? Do we sleep with it in our sleeping bag. All of it?? LOL
    If I go, I could make a batch of Hamburger Hash. I can get several meals out of it, but it might not be enough to feed everyone.

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