Pumpkin Pie Run – Lavant Lookout – Potluck

A favourite event among our members, the annual Pumpkin Pie run continues with the popular potluck feast at the top of Lavant Lookout.

A Potluck Feast!

For the potluck feast, we ask members attending the event to bring food to share. In order to ensure we have a balanced menu, please tell us what you plan to bring by posting to the club mailing list by clicking here.

Meeting Place

Primary Meeting Location: Bells Corners Loblaws parking lot @ 9:00am

Secondary Meeting Location: Hopetown, on Highway 511 just west of Wolf Grove Road.


Primary Meeting Location: 9:30am

Secondary Meeting Location: 10:15am (approximate)


Tow Points are mandatory for this trail.

This trail has some tight areas, and plenty of rock to navigate. Some lift, oversized tire and under-armour are recommended for this trail.


Please come to the meeting location fully fueled and ready to roll.

Members only

This trail run is open only to EOTB members in good standing.

CB Radios

Please tune your CB to channel 4. No CB? Bring your FRS radio tuned to channel 4.


Remember to bring a lunch or shared food, plenty of water, boots, cameras and your sense of adventure. It is also recommended that you carry a tow strap and some shackles as basic extraction equipment.

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