Camp EOTB 2022

A chance for the youthful to feel older and the older to feel youthful as camping is ageless and priceless.

Event Details

In accordance with tradition, Camp EOTB is being held in Calabogie at Black Donald Tent & Trailer Park. Camp EOTB is an opportunity for members to enjoy a weekend of off-roading, camping while fostering a sense of community among club members. This year, we return to the tradition of a club BBQ after the trails on Saturday, and each evening, a community bonfire will be lit for people to gather and share stories from the trail and otherwise discuss our shared off-road addiction.

Eleven sites (#’s 3-4-5-6-7-8-10-11-14-15) have been reserved and you will be assigned to a site.  Many sites will be doubled-up.

Black Donald Site map

Black Donald T&T

  • Centrally Located hot showers and flush toilets
  • Tuck shop selling ice
  • Fishing licenses and boat rentals
  • Swimming
  • Outhouses close to campsites

Arrival and Departure

Campers can arrive any time after 3pm on Friday, and must depart by Noon on Monday.


For those who do not wish to camp, you are welcome to come up for the trail runs and will be asked to pay $5.00/adult if they want to stay for the dinner. We usually leave for the runs at 10 am each morning. Guests please bring $25 trail fee per day to be credited to your membership if you join.

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