Member Run – Calabogie Line Dusk Run

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Please note, it is necessary to register for this trail run in order to attend.

Calabogie Line at Night


The Calabogie Line is a 4.5km stretch of power line that roughly runs parallel to Calabogie road. The entrance is just north of where the power line intersects the road and heads north-north-east from there, exiting onto Ferguson Lake road. The trail has experienced relatively light use, although it is commonly used by dirt bikes.

The start time for this event is not a typo. The event will begin in the evening, allowing members to do a Saturday double-header and put those trail lights to good use.

Meeting Place

The Bogie General Store @ 7:00pm


We will leave the meeting place no later than 7:30pm.


Tow Points are mandatory for this trail. We also recommend you carry a tow strap and some shackles.

For the highway clean-up, we will provide garbage bags and rubber gloves, but recommend you bring your own gloves and wear high visibility clothing (bright colors). Bug spray and sunscreen may also be wise.


Please come to the meeting location fully fueled and ready to roll.


In order to participate in this event, you must register. If you plan to attend multiple during the Civic Holiday weekend, please register for each of them.

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CB Radios

Please tune your CB to channel 4. No CB? Bring your FRS radio tuned to channel 4.


Remember to bring a lunch, plenty of water, boots, cameras and your sense of adventure.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

August 13th, 2022 7:00 PM