Open Run – The Gorge

 Registration is closed for this event
Please note, it is necessary to register for this trail run in order to attend.


The trail runs along a power line offering a variety of rocky obstacles to play on with the option of bypassing obstacles you don’t feel you, or your vehicle, are quite ready for. Please come prepared for a slow pace, with plenty of opportunity to socialize while watching your peers tackle the various obstacles. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your fellow members and take some great photos!


As part of the registration process, you will be digitally signing the event waiver form. We will hold the driver meeting at the staging area.

Meeting Place

Primary Meeting Location: Bells Corners Loblaws parking lot @ 9:00am

Map to location


Primary Meeting Location: 9:30am


Tow Points are mandatory for this trail. In order to maintain social distancing, you must bring any tools and equipment you require to prepare for the trail including tire gauges, air compressors. If you don't have a winch, make sure you bring your own tow strap and shackles.


Please come to the meeting location fully fueled and ready to roll.


Members only for this run please. At this time, events are for members only.


Since it is necessary to maintain social distancing, having a CB is highly recommended. There is no guarantee that the trail leader will have an FRS radio, and we will not permit lending or borrowing of FRS radios particularly due to their proximity to the face during use. Please tune your CB to channel 4.  If you do not have a CB radio, bring your FRS radio tuned to channel 4.


Remember to bring a lunch, plenty of water, boots, cameras and your sense of adventure. It is also recommended that you carry a tow strap and some shackles as basic extraction equipment. Bug spray and sunscreen may also be wise.

As we can never be certain what will transpire on the trail, we cannot guarantee a return time. Even though it is our intent to be off the trail at a reasonable time, come prepared for a long day with extra food and water.

October 24th, 2020 9:00 AM
1394 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON K2B 6R8
Guest Fee
Guest Fee $ 20.00