Please register for this event, as it will allow us to plan resources and, as much as possible, prepare in advance.


As a result of the recent storm that passed through the region, there has been severe damage to our trail system with hundreds of trees that have fallen to block the trails we use regularly. The EOTB, OJC, OVLR and other area clubs are coordinating trail clean-up efforts beginning this weekend. We will undertake these efforts in the most responsible way possible with the intention of restoring the original trail path and avoid cutting bypasses especially when those bypasses would result in felling healthy trees given how many were damaged or fell as a result of the storm.

While this maintenance effort is being organized by members of the 4x4 community, we welcome volunteers from any groups that use the trail system, whether they be on ATV, dirt bike, or simply hike and camp on these trails. Volunteers with forestry experience or also needed to ensure that the work is performed in the safest way possible.

We expect that clearing trails will likely take multiple days given the severity of the storm and the observed quantity of trees that have come down across some of the trails.


We will attempt to reduce the actual number of vehicles that are sent to each trail, so a small number of trail-ready vehicles will be required along with whatever equipment you may have. It is also recommended that you bring gloves and any other PPE you have including hard hats and protective clothing. Please bring your first aid kit, if you have one.


Please take the time to register for this event. It will help us know what resources will be available and plan accordingly. The registration form will ask you about your experience, and equipment you are able to bring.

Meeting Place

Primary Meeting Location: Mountain Chute Dam @ 9:30am


Once all volunteers have arrived, we will organize groups of volunteers and send them to work on specific trails based on the information available at that time.


Please come to the meeting location fully fueled and ready to roll.


We welcome non-members and any participants that use these trails.

June 4th, 2022 9:30 AM