Recovery Seminar and Trail Leader Course @ To Be Announced
Jul 10 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Heading out on trail runs is why we are members of the EOTB and getting stuck is an inevitable part of that. This training day in two parts aims to ensure our members have proper knowledge of recovery techniques and to ensure that those members volunteering to lead trail events have the proper training to provide a positive experience for all in attendance.

These events are scheduled back-to-back, but are independent, and it isn’t necessary to stay for the trail leader course if you attend the extraction seminar.

Recovery Seminar

The EOTB recovery seminar will cover the proper use of recovery equipment including:

  • Tow Straps and Recovery Straps
  • Winches
  • Snatch Blocks
  • Jacks
  • Air Bags

The session will cover applicable safety measures, discuss what to look for in a recovery situation and various techniques applicable to common equipment.

Trail Leader Course

The aim of the trail leader course is to provide knowledge and share some of the club’s collective experience with those individuals that volunteer to lead the group. Individuals completing the course should gain an understanding of the skills, knowledge and experience to be an effective leader on the trail.

The course will cover topics such as:

  • Communications
  • Recovery Situations
  • Incident and Emergency Management
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Spotting
  • Environmental Considerations

Taking the course alone does not make you a trail leader, but is an important step in the process.

Recovery Seminar & Lavant Lookout Sunset Run @ Lavant Lookout
Aug 28 all-day

The EOTB will be offering a recovery seminar for its members. During this seminar, you will learn techniques for the safe extraction of a vehicle stuck on the trail. Techniques will include use of the following equipment:

  • Recovery Straps
  • Winches
  • Snatch blocks
  • Air bags
  • Hi-Lift Jack

Following the seminar, we will do a dusk run to Lavant Lookout to catch the Sunset (at 7:05 pm)  before completing the day with a night run back down the trail. The trail run portion of the event is optional and you may choose to leave from Dixon Lake at the end of the seminar.


The recovery seminar will take place at Dixon Lake, the traditional air down location for the Lavant Lookout trail.

 Meeting Place

As some participants may not know the way to Dixon Lake, we will meet in the Loblaws parking lot in Bells Corners and convoy from there. We will meet at 11:00am with the intent of departing no later than 11:30am.

Primary Meeting Location: Bells Corners Loblaws parking lot @ 11:00am

Secondary Meeting Location: Hopetown, on Highway 511 just west of Wolf Grove Road.


Primary Meeting Location: 11:30am

Secondary Meeting Location: 12:15pm (approximate)


Please come to the meeting location fully fueled and ready to roll.

Members only

This trail run is open only to EOTB members in good standing.

CB Radios

Please tune your CB to channel 4. No CB? Bring your FRS radio tuned to channel 4.


To register for this event click the registration link at the top of this page.