2018 Annual General Meetng

On Saturday, March 24th, the EOTB held our 2018 AGM at Biagio’s Italian Kitchen. We had an excellent turn-out, with about 50 people in attendance. We held our election, handed out some prizes and awards and welcomed our new Board of Directors for the upcoming season.


For the first time in many years, the EOTB held an election. We had five volunteers who accepted nominations for the three Directors at Large which prompted the election. This is a healthy development, and shows that members are engaged and willing to get involved in the day-to-day operations of the club.

The five candidates who accepted their nominations for Director at Large were Craig Badgley, Gabriel Boutet, Derek Buxton, Jay Snyder and Joel Tosky. I personally want to thank these individuals for accepting the nominations and showing a willingness to work with the club.

At the end, with all votes counted, Gabriel Boutet, Derek Buxton and Jay Snyder won their positions and will be part of the 2018 board of directors.

Board of Directors

In addition to the Directors at Large elected at the AGM, four directors were uncontested in their roles, were acclaimed and will be returning to serve in their positions. They are Paul Dufresne, Noranda Haasper, Rene Meunier and Peter Whittaker.

We would like to thank outgoing board members Craig Badgley and Peter Pontbriand who both served the club well, and we look forward to their continued involvement with the EOTB.

Your 2018 Board of Directors are:

Name Position Status
Paul Dufresne President acclaimed, returning
Rene Meunier Vice-president acclaimed, returning
Peter Whittaker Secretary acclaimed, returning
Noranda Haasper Treasurer accaimed, returning
Jay Snyder Director at Large elected, returning
Gabriel Boutet Director at Large elected, new
Derek Buxton Director at Large elected, new


As is our tradition at the AGM, we handed out a number of awards. The following list represents the awards that were presented on Saturday night.

Award Winner Description
Bling Bling Award Dave Leonard For excellence in attention to the aesthetic attributes of one’s rig.
Most Improved Driver Noranda Haasper For excellence in providing the club with demonstrated improved driving skills
Director’s Chair Derek Buxton For excellence in providing video documentation of EOTB adventures
Trailblazer Award Derek Buxton
Nick Dufresne
Paul Dufresne
Peter Whittaker
 Recognizing the group who participated in an adventure that exemplifies the spirit of the club
Shutterbug Award John Kaldeway For excellence in the photograpic documentation of club activities
Best Stuck Award Nick Dufresne For excellence in generously providing the club with practice in extraction techniques
Pucker Award Jay Snyder For demonstrating sudden, intense and unplanned intestinal fortitude in response to an unexpected turn of events
 Rookie Award  Gabriel Boutet  For excellence in providing the club with limitless energy and enthusiasm
 Best Builder  Joel Tosky  Recognizes an individual that has put a lot of personal effort into their truck build
 Maher President’s Award  James Fleet  For the club member displaying good attitude in adversity
 Kohn Award  Peter Whittaker  The person in the club who makes an exceptional contribution in a given year

Door Prizes

Throughout the AGM, we handed out door prizes to our members. Special thanks go out to our sponsors National 4×4, Roy Barber Services, Capital Auto Parts (CAPS) and Action Van and Truck for generously providing door prizes for this year’s AGM.