Trail Report – Griffith – Camp EOTB 2008

After some mild confusion, a fuel stop and a few wrong turns by some members of the group, we found our way to the Griffith trail head. We stopped for a moment to air down when Pat realized the linkage for the transfer case hadn’t been reconnected after his last service stop. After a few choice words about the dealer mechanic’s competency, it took Pat and I under the truck, and some tools handed down by Redneck, about 10-15 minutes to reseat the linkage so we could get under way.

For the most part, this trail was quite enjoyable with few problems. We got Jerry and his explorer around some tight corners, and over some obstacles without using the winches or tow straps. When we reached the tight turn near the top of the mountain, a few more daring trucks cut the tight corner venturing over the rocks instead of around them. With some careful spotting from Nick and I, Jerry maneouvered around the corner and we all took a break for lunch.


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