Trail Report – Gorge – June 2009

Well they weren’t promising good weather and it was the first Saturday trail run that we hosted in a long time so I wasn’t too sure who would show up. Then I forgot that I had to attend a BBQ at my Sisters in Athens that evening, the odds weren’t looking good.

At the last minute my wife Carol decided to attend in Her Rubicon, it would be Her first trail run of the season and Her first time off-roading in Her Little Blue Stock Rubicon.

My Son and I left Brockville at 7:45am in a light rain shower to meet the group in Bells Corners while Carol traveled with Fellow Brockvillians Carl & Angela a more direct route to the trail head. We met eight vehicles in Bells corners, among which were Rob and Kerry.

It was Rob’s Maiden Voyage of his new to him, Jeep TJ. Kerry was at the wheel of their Toyota FJ. Nick dropped by with a long face on his way to work to say hi, bye. Then Craig and family rolled up, well with the President and Vice President in attendance the sun started to shine, hehe.


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