Trail Report – Darling (First Attempt) – November 2008

We had a small group this morning. I originally expected half-a-dozen trucks for today’s trail run, but only three of us met at Bell’s Corners. Jerry, who was eager to take the explorer on its inaugural trail run, Doug and I set out for the trail. With a small group, we figured we’d have time to check out Rock Coady trail on the way to Darling, so we changed our plans a little.

We headed out down the Queensway and exited on March Road (44). After making the corner, kept an eye on the rear view mirror only to see Jerry and Doug pulling off to the side of the road. I pulled over and backed-up to see what was going on. When I stepped out of the Jeep, I saw Doug and Jerry looking down at ground where smoke could be seen rising.

Just to add a little suspense to the story, I’ll stop here and let Jerry tell the rest of the story.


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