Trail Report – Carp Night Run – September 2008

I will tell you a story about a trail run that should have been 2 to 3 hours long and turned out to be 6.5 hrs long.

/highlights2008/Carp night run.JPG

We met at the Zellers in Bells Corners for 19:00. We had to wait for Serge, who arrived at 19:45. We left the parking lot and started our trip to Carp and Timmy’s. Lol. Nick took the lead because my GPS was not awake yet, and having done the run at night only, I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going. I took the lead in Carp when my GPS found the road from the night before. As we got near the trail a small car started to flash his high beams at us and followed us to the trail. It was four teenage boys asking if they could join us on the trail. Ian and Redneck each took two along.

We all aired down and disconnected. Paul asked if he could go to the tail end, and we started to sort the trucks according to who had a winch and radio, and who would be big enough to pull the larger vehicles if need be. We started the trail around 20:35. The rain hadn’t started yet, so it was nice out and not to hot. The trail run was going well until Ian asked if this was the way we went the night before. I said yes, but Redneck said no, I’d missed the trail 25′ back. OOPS! Ian and I had to back up and turn back onto the trail. The trail was very nice…


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