Trail Leader Seminar – May 2008

It was my honour to host this years Trail Leadership Course in Brockville, it was a mild sunny day and we had an excellent turn out. By 10am a total of 8 vehicles and a total of 12 members were in attendance, from as far away as Belleville and Quebec but mostly the Ottawa area.


The purpose of this course is not just to groom members for leadership roles but to make them aware that they can play a participating roll in any trail Run they attend.

The morning consisted of two parts, we first reviewed the information a trail leader needs to have to organize and lead a trail run. It is important to know that actually a team is needed to make a trail run a success.

The second section is a very brief overview of recovery techniques, this alone could be a week long course so we mostly stress the safety aspects. What made the morning most successful was the participation and interjection of the members.

We then broke for lunch, Wings and Pizza, sunshine and good company.

After Lunch we mounted our vehicles and taking a scenic route headed out to a large gravel Parking lot on the outskirts of the City. There we set up pylons and blocks into a short obstacle course. We drew partners and the chosen driver dawned a blindfold, in this case was black painted safety glasses. The chosen partner then verbally spotted the driver through the course. With interesting results. Verbal, problem solving and listening skills were all put to the test.

I think I had the lowest score, not that we were counting. I drove unblindfolded to try the course and nailed one pylon, then while spotting my son Martin we nailed another. That’s two down for me.

After we all had a go at the course we headed off to the B&D trail and ran it in record time. Paul extracted me from a puddle and then conquered “the rock” that took out his windshield light on his last visit. The JK guys thought they were safe with only their roof panels off but contracted what Cyndy refers to as MUDPOCKS.

With everyone grinning from mud spotted faces we parted ways at 6pm.
A big Thank you for those who attended and made this day a success.

Chris Palko, President, EOTB

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