Trail Leader Program

Further to our trail leader seminar, which was very well attended, I would like to introduce to you our most recent effort to further develop EOTB – The creation of a Trail Leaders Committee. The Trail Leader Committee is referenced in Article 11 of the Club Bylaws and it’s a committee of trail leaders with a chairperson that makes recommendation to the board for officially adding and removing trail leaders. The bylaws state that the Chairperson is not a board position and it is not a voting position. The Chairperson is appointed (and therefore can be un-appointed) by the board.

This team will be charged with developing new trail leaders and there are two fundamental outcomes we expect this team to deliver to EOTB

  • To foster an environment to encourage and mentor trail leaders, and
  • To coordinate and provide trail leaders for club events.

I would like you to note that we also support this committee to play an important role in the education and implementation of safe recovery methods and trail safety generally.

We (your current board representatives) have asked Chris Palko if he would be willing to consider this challenge and take the lead role and officially chair the Trail Leader Committee. I am very pleased to report that Chris has accepted. Chris has always taken a lead in supporting our trail leaders and consistently encourages safety while we are out there “looking for trouble” (sort of) on our trails.

While not officially a Board position, we see Chris attending most board meetings so that he can help in organizing trail leaders to attend at events and as a means of providing feedback to the board. This will promote all of us working together to nurture a positive environment for trail leaders.

This announcement is not related to our upcoming elections at the AGM, but rather everything, to do with gearing up our trail leaders for another season that’s just around the corner.

Chris has lots of great ideas and we are really excited at the prospect of building on the momentum of the trail leader seminar and having him pull our trail leading crew together.

As an FYI, EOTB continues to explore the possibility of having ‘directors and officers’ insurance and having our trail leader committee as an official committee – we anticipate that the members would be covered thereby providing some additional protection for our team. More to follow on this as information becomes available.

I look forward to this upcoming season and believe this initiative will provide great benefit to EOTB. I’m sure we will all be hearing from Chris as things get organized and we get a little closer to wheelin’ in 2012.

Thank you Chris.

Craig Jenkins

President, EOTB