Trail Leader Course

Once again in an effort to provide safe and organized trail runs EOTB is proud to host its Trail Leader Course. One of our goals is to train new leaders and also hone our experienced members’ skills. With the growing need to off-road responsibly we train out leaders to respect the environment so that our precious crown trail system remains accessible to us and our children for generation to come.

This course does not give you the credentials to be an EOTB Trail Leader but is an important foundation component. We provide the tools and knowledge and along with mentoring and experience we hope this will produce outstanding Club Trail Leaders.

Another component we provide to Trail Leadership is the Recovery Course. Safety is foremost; this includes assessing a recovery situation and the proper use of recovery equipment to expedite a recovery.

After a Pizza lunch break we conclude the course with an event called Blind-leader. This event takes place in a gravel parking lot with a course constructed of pylons and wooden blocks. The driver is blindfolded and the vehicle is put into low range. While the driver pilots his vehicle in low range the vehicle crawls along at a snail’s pace while a spotter directs him through the obstacle course. Spotters learn the importance of clear decisive instructions while the driver learns how to trust and listen to his spotter.