Semi Annual Report – October 7 2003

Eastern Ontario Trailblazers 4X4 Club Incorporated
October, 2003

The half way point in fiscal year 2003-04 represents a significant milestone for EOTB:

1. In June, the Club completed its fifth seminar for new offroaders at Metro Chrysler Dodge Jeep. This seminar attracted 17 new offroaders. 6 members volunteered their time that day to work on the seminar. The convoy of 23 trucks was most impressive as it headed down the highway to the EOTB trail after completing the indoor portion of the seminar at Metro. Metro gave EOTB free use of the showroom and the huge service bay area.

2. Over 30 members and their families attended the 3rd annual Club-sponsored bbq at the EOTB trail in August. There were kids and dogs everywhere. It was great to see the families munching away and offroading at the same time.

3. Labour Day weekend was the first ever “Camp EOTB”, a weekend of camping and offroading. The positive feedback ensures that next year there will be a repeat of this weekend event. The weekend was well attended with almost 20 trucks and there were several offroading trips in addition to several days of camping and eating.

4. The EOTB exploration program resulted in another trail being found (Lavant Lookout), the second trail in 2 years that the Club has found for use by the local community. The exploration program is expected to produce more new trails.

5. The second seminar for trail leaders took place in July in the service bay of Autofab, an EOTB sponsor. The seminar was well attended and indicates a growing interest within the Club to take on the responsibility of trail leadership. Several trail leaders have offered their time this year to lead EOTB trail runs, and the Club is very grateful.

6. The Club had 35 trail runs by the end of September, 2003. EOTB is en route to surpass the 40 trail runs the Club had in 2002.

7. The Club arranged for a new set of EOTB t shirts and golf shirts as well as EOTB hats in an assortment of colours, and on the website, the Club opened its new Internet Store.

8. The website underwent a re-design. The EOTB website is particularly important in terms of attracting new people to the sport and the Club and keeping people up to date on offroading activities.

9. More members than ever before are volunteering to do work for the Club, not only on exploration runs, but for charity work, trail cleanups and other special events. It is very satisfying to see the level of involvement by EOTB members.

10. The establishment of a volunteer group called the EOTB Auxiliary is another major milestone in the growth of the club. This group has enabled EOTB to put on events such as the campout and the bbq. The Auxiliary is composed of wives and girlfriends of EOTB members.

It’s been a very busy 6 months and carries on the busy schedule the Club has maintained for a few years.

Some Statistics About EOTB

At this moment in time, EOTB has 65 paid members and is still growing. This is the most members in the history of the Club, a far cry from the 15 members EOTB had 3 years ago.

Here is a breakdown of the vehicle types in the Club:

Jeep 42 65%
Toyota 4 6%
Land Rover 8 12%
Sammy 2 3%
Ford 2 3%
Nissan 3 5%
Chevy 3 5%
Mazda 1 2%
Sum 65 100%

The figure depicts a breakdown of member vehicles by stock and modified. EOTB members live as far away as Montreal, Kingston and Cornwall.

EOTB is very proud of the number of stock vehicles owned by members. The growth in this area of the Club indicates a significant increase in people interested in offroading. EOTB’s TLC approach, coupled with the seminars, ensures that the Club will continue to grow and prosper, and that offroading will remain a healthy recreational hobby in eastern Ontario.

On average, during 2003, EOTB has averaged 16 trucks per weekend over the course of the 35 trail runs during the year.

On a financial basis, the Club is maintaining a strong positive cash flow and expects no difficulty in maintaining its resource levels this year and next.

In terms of development, the Club is continuing to build its network of sponsors, and business relationships. Additional information on these initiatives will be forthcoming.