National 4WD Open House – Smith Falls – June 2010

We all had a great time at the National 4WD Open House in Smith Falls on June 26:

I would agree with Rob & Kerry’s report, great event. It was very enjoyable, I especially was impresses with the rc truck with full lights, sounds, and engine rumble. (it was something to be seen). I managed to walk away with a few small goodies on my oh so long Jeep wish list. I even had the opportunity to winch a stranded vehicle out of the ditch, just outside of Smiths Falls. Lucky I had my gear with me getting ready for Sunday’s Gorge run. Good job National, I look forward to my next visit. – Brian

Well the day was a success, a slight drizzle aside. Some great jeeps and jeep-like trucks out there and I think everyone ended up wandering around stealing ideas off everything and anything with four wheels. Great attempts and successes on the teeter-totter and the RTI (both great builds by the guys at National). The rock garden/mud pit was another great build but it tried to eat a competition buggy and a few jeeps….some jeeps even had to get winched out once or twice. Good draw prizes, great hamburgers/hot dogs and lots photos and even a few laughs. Thanks to the National Team and all that managed to make it our for the day. – Rob&Kerry

Although Shell and I were there for the morning only, we had a blast. Shell tied the teeter totter and almost made it, though Kerry’s pics will tell otherwise. Got some much needed armour for the STTJ (Star Trek TJ) and made some good contacts. All in all a great day. Thanks to the guys and gals at National. –