Open Run

July 22, 2017 all-day
The Gorge

The Gorge


The Gorge trail is a stock-friendly hydro line trail located about an hour from Ottawa. The trail follows the hydro line access road making it ideal for new off-roaders and those who wish a gentle introduction to off-roading. There are many off-shoots and rock climbing opportunities that keep the trail interesting for novice and experienced drivers. All of the off-shoots return to the hydro line access road so drivers can try the obstacle or skip it without getting separated from the group.

Meeting Places

Primary Meeting Location

Bells Corners Loblaws parking lot @ 9:00am (NE corner of Moodie and Robertson)

Secondary Meeting Location

Burnstown, intersection of Calabogie Road (508) and Burnstown Road (52) (at approx 10:15)


Front and rear Tow Points are mandatory for this trail


Please come to the meeting location fully fueled and ready to roll.


Non-Members are welcome in limited numbers. Non-members should RSVP before coming out.

Please bring cash or cheque for the $25.00 guest fee. This is an annual fee that is credited to your $60.00 membership fee if you join. Please bring exact change.

To expedite the process, please complete and print the guest waiver form (link below) and bring it with you.


Please tune your CB to channel 4. No CB? Bring your FRS radio tuned to channel 4.


Remember to bring a lunch, plenty of water, boots, cameras and your sense of adventure. It is also recommended that you carry a tow strap and some shackles as basic extraction equipment.

As we can never be certain what will transpire on the trail, we cannot guarantee a return time. Even though it is our intent to be off the trail at a reasonable time, come prepared for a long day with extra food and water.

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