Event Report – Annual BBQ – July 2008

A big thank you to Al and Patti for hosting this year’s EOTB BBQ. We had a fantastic time: the food was good, the music was good, the pool was great!

Thanks to Chris and Carol for organizing the food and hauling it and an extra BBQ through a small hurricane to Carp.


“A big ‘Thank you’ for the great food at the BBQ and to our hosts / organizers.” – Angela & Carl

“I would like to thank the host’s of yesterdays BBQ the Douglas’s, for having us. Rachelle and myself sure enjoyed the food. My compliments to the cooks, Chris & Carol. Great food, oh and by the way sure glad there was more then enough food! Thanks” – Mario F.

“I’d like to second that… The food was great.” – Nick C.

“Thanks Al, It was really a pleasure doing this for all of us. This is such
a great group to be with that I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Well maybe
Moab, Utah …. or Tucson,Arizona …. just kidding! 😉 Had a great time, and it was well worth it.” – Carol P.

See you next year!



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