EOTB Trail Maps v0.90 Released

The latest version of the EOTB Trail Maps has been released and is available for download in the Trail Leaders’ file section of the website along with the user’s guide.

The maps have been updated to reflect exploration that was done last year as well as some minor corrections.

The EOTB Trail Maps were created for use by EOTB Trail Leaders to help them host successful events that represent the values of the club. They are intended to foster responsible off-roading by ensuring the Trail Leaders can verify that they are adhering to the designated trails and avoiding sensitive areas or private land where access is prohibited. The EOTB Trail Maps were designed to work with Garmin mapping GPS devices as well as Garmin’s MapSource and BaseCamp software.

The maps are to be used as a guide and an aid to the trail leader and are not a substitute for trail knowledge.