EOTB Fall Tour – Sunday October 4 2009

Well it’s that time of year, a chill is in the air and a great show of Autumn colours awaits.

This year’s Tour is special, that’s right special.

We have a relaxed short tour planned with several scenic view points all accessible with stock vehicles.

The highlight is a NEW privately owned play area that EOTB has gained access to, we call it “Ferguson’s Rocks”.

You can play on the rocks for the afternoon or just park it and watch the action and take in the scenery.
People can then leave from this area when ever it suits them as road access is nearby.

So bring your cameras, pop in a Vivaldi’s Four Seasons CD (or whatever 😉 crank on your trucks heater and join us.

Primary meeting location is Bell’s Corners for 9:30 am we leave promptly by 10 am

Secondary meeting location is the Tim Hortons in Almonte for 10:30

Chris P./Trail Leader