Camp EOTB 2012 – Friday Aug 3rd – Monday August 6th, 2012


A chance for the youthful to feel older and the older to feel youthful as camping is ageless and priceless

Once again Camp EOTB is being held in Calabogie at Black Donald Tent & Trailer Park. Sites are limited so reserve now. Eleven sites (#’s 3-4-5-6-7-8-10-11-13-14-15) have been reserved and you will be assigned to a site. Some sites will be doubled-up. The sites are booked from Friday night to Monday noon. For kids 17 and under camping is free. There is no catered Saturday night dinner, prices adjusted accordingly. Please bring your own food and sit around the fire and talk trucks and trails.

To reserve a site please fill in this form and mail it with a cheque BEFORE July 12 for the full amount. You can also hand-deliver your form and payment to Evan wherever you see him (Wing Night on July 9).

We always have a good time, come and join in!

Quick Questions to Unasked Questions:

Yes there will be trail runs! Yes we will tailor the trail runs based on who shows up so everyone can wheel and have a good time. Yes there will be bite-the-bag! No there is no organized dinner for Saturday night – eat what you bring or can scrounge. Yes dogs must be leashed, kids not so much. Of course you can bring a kayak or canoe, the lake is great. It is true that we have a plan to try to get things moving faster in the morning. The web site for the campground is Anything else just ask!