Camp EOTB 2011 Reports

Reports back from Camp EOTB 2011


Made it back with no problem. Again B.Z for a superb day with the right people. Was nice to see some new faces and always a pleasure to re-connect with the club’s old timers. For the record my leg is OK after inspection , there is no marks or bruises to be seen therefore , I’m has good has new. Until next time ”Be safe out there” — Ben B.

LJ and I would like to thank everyone for a great weekend, great runs, good times and a lot of fun. Thanks much to the board members for your work to make this happen , your work is appreciated by those of us who just want to be dudes …..much thanks to all of you. For those of you who are going to Bon Echo, see you there! Again, great weekend, and thank you. — Wiz and the LJ’s

Sylvia, Mickey, and I made it home safe and sound. It was an amazing weekend, we had a great time both on and off the trails. Thank you to everyone for the support both on and off the trail, it was very much appreciated. We are looking forward to seeing everyone very soon. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a great Camp EOTB. Special thanks to Ty for giving Mickey his first swimming lesson. He also had a great time with Storm, Allie, Annie, Buster, and Brad’s two dogs. Lucky for us Mickey didn’t have much energy left to put up a fight during his after camp bath. — Brian & Sylvia & Mickey

Mel, Alexia, Ty, and I are back home after this wonderful weekend. We wanted to thank everyone that came to camp and especially everyone that made this weekend possible. We joined the club the weekend after going to the season opener and we thought these are nice people, they seem genuine. We were welcomed to the family by many, but we didn’t really get the meaning of EOTB family…But after this weekend, we now understand what the EOTB family really is. It was amazing to see how everyone pitched in to help, in whatever way they could, whether entertaining the children or helping a friend with field repairs or just answering questions from a newb (me). Everyone went above and beyond to make this weekend unforgettable. We are proud and we feel privileged to be a part of it. We can’t wait for the next run, hopefully we will be able to sport our new digs at the next one. — Vince, Mel, Alexia and Ty

We made it back safe and sound. Thanks for all the help on the trail. Got a bit of a leak from the tube ends but thats all. It was a great weekend, we all had a blast. Thanks — Mark & crew

All the Croskerys had a great time at camp. Great people, fun trails, good food, nice fire, it was all good. For Caitlin the highlight was bite-the-bag and the camp fire, thanks to Rod for organizing that and to Brian for safely building a camp fire. A big thanks to Linda and Crystal and Sylvia for organizing the camp registrations and Saturday BBQ. It was so nice to come off the trail and not have to worry about cooking dinner. As a board member I only saw part of the effort and dedication that went in to planning the event and dealing with the postal strike and buying and transporting food and planning games for the kids but I can tell you these ladies worked tirelessly to pull off another awesome EOTB camp. Thanks! — Evan, Christine, Ben, Harry and Caitlin


We had a great camp as well, but I was too tired to send an e-mail last night. Some of our photos are being uploaded now. I just got back from picking up the parts I need to reattach the fender flare. Thank you to everyone that helped out over the weekend, especially those that helped me with my punctured tire on Sunday morning! — Paul and Family

Love the notes from everyone Vince almost had me in tears…..I would like to throw out big “THANK YOU” to Linda, Crystal and Sylvia… For all they did for us at camp… It was a great weekend despite seeing Mark in a “G” Fantastic weekend! All The Best — Rodney

Checked the pics. Still can’t believe we tore it that apart on the trail! Look ma, no wheels! Again thanks to you, Paul and Jerry for the help and support. Also thanks to everyone else who pitched in with various tools, straps, help and patience. I think the coolest part was getting it put back together, Paul and me bolting it back up underneath, Rodney putting the right axle and hub on while Jerry tackled the left side. Better than an F1 pit crew, now that’s the definition of team work and good friends. — Mark

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