Brockville Trail Clean-up – October 2011


Thanks to the folks who came out to trail clean-up on Lyn Rd. in Brockville. This was a great group effort on the part of the local 4wd clubs. We had people from OVO, OJC, and EOTB. Thanks to Andy for organizing. The Brockville cycling club was invited but did not attend.

This trail was in the news lately because the cycling groups were concerned with litter on the trail. We pulled old furniture, rotten porches, construction materials, shingles, and general garbage from the bush. None of this refuse was brought by off-roaders but we are happy to lend a hand and beautify a trail for the benefit of all trail groups. EOTB only uses this trail once a year as part of our policy of minimizing our impact on the environment by travelling to different destinations each weekend.

Just some of the crew: (Tom, John, Craig, Evan, Andy)



Album “/2011/Brockville Black and Decker Cleanup”