Adopt-a-Road Clean-up – September 2011

If you were driving along Calabogie Road the morning of September 17 2011 you may have wondered what all the orange shirts were in the ditch … it was the 4th semi-annual EOTB Adopt-a-Road clean-up!

We adopted this section of road back in June of 2010 and this year we were recognized for our efforts with our very own EOTB Adopt-a-Road sign. Mother Nature has benefited from our work, the residents and visitors to Calabogie have a cleaner section of road to travel, and EOTB gets the opportunity to give a little back to the community where we buy gas, buy food, camp, and go off-roading.

A big thanks to all the EOTB members and helpers that came out to help. You know you are making a difference when each time the pile at the end of the morning is slightly smaller and the garbage pre-dates some of our younger members (brown stubbies, old style pepsi cans …)

/highlights2011/Group at sign.jpg

Ken’s pics:

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