Adopt-a-Road Clean-up & Club BBQ Report

Honestly I was getting a little anxious with all the rain coming down hard on Friday evening, that we would have to postpone the adopt-a-road cleanup. But come Saturday morning, the skies cleared up just as forecast.

We didn’t get as many cleanup volunteers as we had in the spring, but we certainly had enough enthusiastic members to get the job done. We met early at Loblaws in Bells Corners and we were on the road by 0900hrs. At Munford’s in Calabogie we met Peter Z and his family. We broke into four groups attacking our 2km stretch of Hwy 508 from the east and west on both sides of the road. It only took us about two hours to get all the garbage and recycling cleaned up. I’ll attribute the relatively quick work to how well we have cleaned that stretch of road over the past few years. There wasn’t as much items of note that we pulled out of the ditch, just a big barrel and some pipes (as well as the typical beer cans, Tim Horton cups, water bottles, etc).

Peter kindly went and picked up all our garbage and recycling bags with his pickup and we posed for a group photo with our haul. I phoned the County Office on Monday morning to pick it up, they are extremely grateful to the EOTB.

After the adopt-a-road cleanup, we made our way 15km east on the newly-cleaned highway 508 to Burnstown. After a Low-4 race we set up our BBQ at the Burnstown Beach Park. It is a perfect spot for a club function, close to Calabogie, quiet, nice picnic tables, a huge play structure, and a beautiful beach. Evan graciously lent us his portable BBQ and we grilled up hamburgers and served some snacks and pop.

Following the BBQ Greg led a small group on the traditional “post cleanup trail run to Rusty Bat”.

Ross Macdonald/EOTB Environmental Officer